Meeting hospital budgets

Automatic charting supported by vital sign streaming has been known to improve quality of service by reducing mudane and error prone hand-recording. In the past, solutions that support automatic charting has been too expansive, making it out of reach to many hospitals.

There are three cost factors:

  • Equipment purchase
  • Required upgrade on local IT infrastructure
  • Local IT personnel support

For these solutions, equipment purchase carries a high price tag. Overall cost multiplies when adding the cost of IT upgrade and support time of local IT pesonnel. Medium and small hospitals have difficulty justifying for such investment. Large hospital health systems see a reduction on ROI.

Neximatic's patent pending solution enables automatic charting by minimzing equipment cost and eliminating IT upgrade cost. It is hardware lite with flexibilty that adapts to an existing IT infrasture. The solution supports remote monitoring and configuration, thereby decreases local IT support. Combining all these factors, the Neximatic Vital Sign Streaming Solution offers a low total cost of ownership to it users.