AnesthesiaOS™ Deploys the Technology of Neximatic, Inc. to Provide Automated Vital Sign Documentation to Anesthesia Providers

Neximatic, Inc., a vital sign streaming solution provider for electronic health record (EHR) systems, is pleased to announce that Medical Information Records USA, LLC (MIR), creator of AnesthesiaOS -- a cloud-based Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), has successfully deployed their technology to provide automated vital sign documentation.

For years, manually charting vital sign distracts anesthesiologists from their clinical work, as they turn away from their patients to write down physiological data every 5 or 10 minutes on papers. Even as anesthesiologists switch over to electronic health record (EHR) systems, many are still typing in hundreds of vital signs, such as heart rate and others, for each case. Anesthesiologists are trained to respond to the unpredictable circumstances in operation rooms. Automated vital sign documentation allows anesthesiologists to focus on their patients, raising the quality level of patient care.

"Automated vital sign documentation is an important feature in AnesthesiaOS," said Dr. Chris Ray, Chief Technology Officer of MIR. "Providers are excited about this feature because it reduces error, eliminates mundane work and allows them to focus on patient care.

"We are very excited about this partnership with MIR to support the automatic charting feature in AnesthesiaOS," said Bobby Wong, President of Neximatic, Inc. "Our vital sign streaming technology is very flexible to support the varying IT infrastructure in different hospitals. This has helped MIR to deploy automatic charting to their clients."

About Neximatic, Inc.

Neximatic, Inc. is a technology provider for electronic health record (EHR) providers, enabling new features in EHRs. Its vital sign streaming solution has enabled automatic charting in AIMS and tele-health applications. For more information, please visit or email to

About AnesthesiaOS

AnesthesiaOS was developed by anesthesiologist with the vision of advancing medicine by creating smarter workflows. AnesthesiaOS is a cloud-based EHR that seeks to standardize care by focusing on the mobility and replication of an enhanced patient care experience and not the mobility of a particular device and/or workstation. AnesthesiaOS enhances the point of care, not control it by allowing providers to easily complete an anesthesia record while focusing on the quality of patient care. For more information about AnesthesiaOS, please visit or email to


Neximatic installation reaches over 40 facilities in the past 2 years.

Automatic charting allows anesthesiologists to focus on the dynamic environment in the operating rooms without the distraction of hand-writing down 5 to 15 vital signs every 5-15 minutes. For a procedure that last 2 hours, there are several hundreds of data to be captured. Automatic charting improves quality of care. In the past two years, the Neximatic's solution has been installed in over 40 facilities from medical centers to ambulatory surgery centers, servicing over 300 rooms.

"40 facilities in 2 years is a great achievement of our company," said Bobby Wong, President of Neximatic, Inc. "And we continue to see excitement in the AIMS market for our vital sign streaming solution." In addition of improving the quality of care, automatic vital sign charting provides a rich set of data for analyses among similar procedures. "Some of our customers have started developing new features using our solution," continued Bobby.

A short video on the solution is available at here

Neximatic, Inc is a privately held company offering a patent pending vital sign streaming solution. This solution can be integrated in different electronic health record (EHR) systems to support different features and capabilities. It is a member company of Chicago MATTER, a leading Incubator for healthcare technology.


Neximatic has joined Chicago MATTER.

Neximaitc has joined Chicago MATTER, a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders working together to harness technology to improve health and healthcare. Through this community, Neximatic is able to extend its reach in sales and marketing of its patent pending medical device connectivity solution.

Neximatic's medical device connectivity solution enables vital sign streaming. This capability can support many exciting features in electronic health record (EHR) systems, such as automatic charting and tele-medicine. As EHRs continue to proliferate, Neximatic is poised to grow with many opportunities.

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