Focus on Patients and Raise Quality of Care

Providers pride themselves in making the best clinical decision and rendering the best clinical services to patients. To do the best, they have to stay focus on their patients. Operating rooms and emergency rooms post a very challenging environement. This situation in there is very dynamic. Procedures are sometimes extended and complication arises. Providers need to anticipate and respond to any situation at all time. They do not have the bandwidth to bookkeep hundreds of vital signs for the medical records even thought it is part of their duty for regulatory compliance.

Automated charting is a very simple solution to reduce the burdern on providers. It is a solution that allows providers to keep their eyes and ears to all the changing events in the rooms. With better attention, patients receive the best qualty of care and have better out-comes.

Neximatic has been providing charting automation to hospitals and surgery centers of different sizes. The solution is very flexible. Talk to us and find out how we can help.

Solution Hightlights

  • Meet budget of hospitals and surgery centers of different sizes.
  • Support different IT infrastructure in different facilities
  • Support 300+ medical devices
"Providers are excited about this feature [automated vital sign documentation] because it reduces error, eliminates mundane work and allows them to focus on patient care."

Dr. Chris Ray,
CTO of Medical Information Records,
Anesthesia OS